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Love fashion? love reading? Then, this post is for you

If your like me, you view reading as an escape from your everyday life. Fiction or Non-fiction, I am always interested in what an author has come up with. I can spend hours on end at book stores exploring new reads and with my fair share of visits to Chapters, Coles, etc.. I feel like I can provide a good list of fashion books for fashion lovers to read. 

I will be talking about four books that I have read, and will separate them by categories.


 1. Influence
 2. Styling
 3. Biography


The first two books fall under the Influence category. 

1. Alexa Chung's (Model, Editor at British Vogue) book named "IT" is a small guide to her inspirations since her earlier days, to present day. It contains her style icons, photos of her and her favourite looks, tips in the fashion world, a selection of her favourite songs, advice on how to dress for events, and many many inspirational photos. The pictures in this book all seem to have a vintage feel to them (which I love). This book is great if you have interest in Alexa Chung and if you want to see what inspires people who are already in the fashion world.

Price: $20.00

2. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen actually have a book named "Influence", and as obvious as it sounds, it is all about the people who inspire them. Diane von Furstenberg, Terry Richardson, John Galliano, Robert Lee Morris, Karl Lagerfeld, and Giambattista Valli and jusssst a few of the amazing icons featured. Models, designers, and photographers capture the twins interest and with many interesting interviews and photos to look at, this book does not disappoint. I am and have ALWAYS been utterly obsessed with the Olsen twins. I grew up watching them on tv, in movies, I even read their adventure books. To see them blossom into fashion after years of acting is really cool and exciting. They have a great view on fashion and know their stuff! If you love the twins, you will love this book.

Price: $38.00

The next category is Styling

1. Refinery29's "Style Stalking" by Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi is basically a lovely picture book with a few writing components involved. Style style style! This book can teach you many things on how to dress and look F****** wicked!! This book reveals styles from all over the world, includes famous fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, and editors. With their expertise, they can teach you how to mix prints, use metallics, layer, and how to dress like a tom-boy without actually looking like a boy. They teach you how to wear a specific piece in three different ways, update your wardrobe according to the season, and have zoom lens pictures that really allow you to look at sharp detail. It truly is such an inspiring book which seriously makes you want to play dress up and come up with creative looks for an eternity. Fashion lovers know this, every day is a fashion show, and the world is YOUR runway so, grab this book, don't be shy and create amazing looks that make you feel nothing but confident!

Price: $23.99

The last category is Biography

1. "Champagne Supernovas" by Maureen Callahan was an awesome read. It targets the 90's renegades who remade fashion. These 90's renegades are: Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, and Alexander McQueen. Maureen writes about Marc, Kate and Alexander separately. The book is a cycle in which each chapter focuses on 1 of the 3. I specifically picked this up because I find Marc, Kate and Alexander very intriguing and wanted to know more about they're lives. (and boy, did I find out many things). From casting calls at vogue, to nightlife celebrity parties, to drugs, to sex, to designing for big time fashion houses, to being fired and homeless, this book has it all. It really exposes what these three people had to go through to get recognized and to stay relevant in the fashion world. With great details on they're lives and shocking twists, you can be sure this book will take you on a hell of a ride.

Price: $32.00

So, if you are looking to find a new fashion read - Check these out!! I know they wont dissapoint!

Happy reading loves, and have a wonderful day.


Vanessa Gomez 

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