Fashion tips, style, and ideas for the sexy confident, CURVY WOMAN

WOMAN IN THE 50's - 60's ERA

Marilyn Monroe 

 Hilda the pin up girl                                  Brigitte Bardot 


Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian                                 Nikki Minaj

Women THEN vs. NOW?

In the 50’s & 60’s women were known to be curvaceous. Having full breasts, thick thighs, and curves was the look women had or if they didn’t- opted to have. Just a few examples of this hourglass body are: Marilyn Monroe, Hilda the pin up girl, and Brigitte Bardot. This body shape back then was portrayed to be sexy, feminine, and healthy. Times have changed throughout the years and a woman’s body has gone from full & curvy to tight & skinny and now in 2015, it seems as if curves (in all the right spots) are back and here to stay. Women in show business like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj are proud that they have curves and love to flaunt them. With these woman being some of the most beautiful and influential people in the media today, many women look up to them. These ladies have always been curvy and are making it fashionable to love curves and flaunt them.

What does a curvy woman like when it comes to fashion?

Today’s curvy woman likes to dress in items such as: Leggings, cardigans, peplum tops (dresses, A-line skirts, long flowy tops, wrap dresses and wrap skirts, prints (polka dot, vertical stripes, Little lace trim), maxi dress/skirt, high waist jeans/shorts, blouses, bathing suites (one piece, & two piece with high waist bottoms)


This is an ideal way for a curvy woman to wear a pair of leggings. Many curvy woman typically love wearing leggings because they are comfortable, they cover areas such as the bottom, they hide things like (cellulite, blemishes, scars... etc), and they make you look slimmer and leaner! What’s not to love?! However, wearing leggings should be done in a correct manner especially for the curvier woman. A long top, a jacket or a short dress can be worn over the leggings so that it adds interest to the look and more importantly covers the backside which can sometimes show if the leggings are sheer. (yikes! none of that)

Peplum/Wrap dress

These looks are known to be the most flattering for the curvy woman. Why? Because they come in tight at the waist and then flare out for a fun and flirty look. Curvy woman feel super comfortable in these items because they come in where they need too, yet they do not hide the fact that these woman have curves and want to show them off in all the right spots! Most of the material used in peplum tops and wrap dresses have a fair amount of stretch to them, which can be great for women who fluctuate in weight. Wrap dresses/skirts are exceptionally great for the curvy woman because they allow you to adjust at the waist for a tighter or more relaxed feel/look.


 Prints are very fun, especially for spring and summer. The curvy woman has heard time and time again that black is the go to colour because its “sliming” and easy to wear, but nobody wants to be stuck with wearing black all year round. I’ve come to see that many curvy women actually love colours and prints and like to incorporate them in their wardrobe. Spring/summer is a fun time to play with fashion and these looks work great for the curvy woman. Any clothing with vertical lines works well on curvy woman making them looks slimmer and longer. (Horizontal lines will only make you look wider). Polka dots & floral prints are fun and flirty. As long as the print is not to crazy, it works well on a curvy girl. Also, mixing a print with a solid colour or another low key print will add variation to the outfit making it more interesting.


Many curvy girls are shy when it comes to swimwear, but they shouldn’t be! This is where most of their bodies are exposed making it hard for them to feel comfortable and confident. Luckily, there are ways to hide what you don’t want shown. A full piece bathing suit can seem out of date, but they are actually making a comeback! A lower neckline, or a deep plunging back can make this bathing suit look “sexy” (if desired) or if you just want to hide the tummy area, they are perfect for that too. A two-piece swimsuit with a high waisted bottom is a perfect bathing suit for a curvy woman. The bottom is the key piece to this look as it hides any love handles and does its best to tighten and form the lower stomach area. The last image is also another good swimsuit. If a curvy woman is self-conscious about her stomach, the long fringe does a pretty good job of covering it. Again, the high waisted bottoms cover any love handles and overall these three swimsuits are ideal for a curvy woman.

What the curvy woman wears when she's casual 

The curvy woman’s casual wear is relaxed with variations of tight and loose items. Boyfriend jeans and cargo pants are great options for casual wear because they have that loose relaxed fit. Paired with a tighter top or a fitted blouse, this outfit is far from looking too “boring”. As seen above, adding small accessories like a handbag, or a brown belt can tie the loose ends of the outfit and make it come alive. Another curvy casual look would be the pair of maxi dress and a smaller fitted jacket. Denim is casual, and adding a long coloured printed maxi skirt makes it exciting. When dressing casual, majority of people want to be comfortable, free, and want to move without discomfort. These looks above make it easy for a curvy woman to be comfortable and stylish and the same time.

What the curvy woman wears when she's at work

When at work, we always want to be professional. It is important to know when and how much skin is appropriate to show. From Monday-Thursday, our work outfit should be tidy, sharp, and well thought out. A nice outfit idea could be a cardigan, or a cropped sweater with a longer button up placed underneath, a pencil skirt, and a pair of cool stilettos. The look screams “I’m here, I’m ready to work”. Another idea could be a blazer paired with a chiffon top and any kind of trouser pant. Since this look is a bit more serious, have some fun with it and choose a blazer with a pop of colour, or a funky printed heel! Fridays are relaxed days at work, so this is your chance to wear your favourite pair of jeans, and hey- if you’re tired of heels, grab those comfy flats!

What the curvy woman wears on a night out

A night out on the town needs a hot outfit to complement! These three outfits would look lovely on the curvy woman, and let me tell you why! Palazzo pants are so stylish, its hard not to incorporate them in an evening outfit. When you match them with a light sweater & accessories (of course) the outfit looks timeless. If you want to up the fanciness, try and pair them with a bolero jacket and some strappy heels. A little black dress will go a long way when it comes to evening wear. It is a classic and you can never go wrong. Throw on a small coat (ex. A vest, or leather jacket) and a pair of edgy heels to complete the look. You will come across as cool, slim, chic, edgy, and mysterious! You can never go wrong with black ladies!!!!! Lastly, we have the sexy jumpsuit. I am personally a HUGE fan of jumpsuits. I swear they look good on everyone and just look so effortless. Jumpsuits are great for many occasions and for the seasons of the year. In the spring/summer, jumpsuits allow you to work with the heat. Depending on the design of the jumpsuit, most come with buttons along the torso area, and can also be cuffed at the bottom so you can wear them like pants, or capri’s (to show off those heels). They can be worn casually, and dressed up which is why its so easy AND fun wearing them. I seriously recommend jumpsuits to all girls!


I don't like when I see girls who have curves and are very self conscious about them. Curves are SEXY! very sexy if you ask me. 

If you have them, don't feel bad. Its time to flaunt them in all the right ways! 
I am from a Colombian family, and let me tell you those curves will have you swerving. Some of my family members absolutely OWN them, while some have trouble dressing properly and accepting them. I love making them feel good, and teaching them how to get the best out of a curvy body. I made this post for all you beautiful curvy woman out there! You have the goods, now put those curves to good use <3 

XO, Vanessa 

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