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As an up & coming blogger, I think its only right to explain my blog title, and why it is what it is. 
It's quite hard to choose a blog name that you are proud of and excited to use. I chose "TheModernizedbean" because I believe it shows both of my cultural sides, and represents me pretty well. 

I was born in a city called Mississauga here in Canada, while both of my parents were born in a city called Medellin in Colombia. I believe that because I live here in Canada, I am exposed to new, fresh, modern ideas that many other countries only get their hands on later on. Living only a few kilometres from one of the worlds most expensive cities (Toronto), I feel like I am always in the know of what is going on around me whether it be fashion, events, technology.. etc. I am thankful for that because it is great to know what is happening around you. Living in Canada, I feel that I am very modernized, and continuously trying to get my hands on the latest things to know how they work and how I can incorporate them into everyday life.

 Now, with that being said living in the city has many perks but can also have its downfall. Sometimes, seeing the same things all the time gets draining and you find yourself cringing for some new fresh inspiration. This is where my Colombian background comes in. Both my parents are 100% Colombian, and totally proud. (How many Colombians are). I love listening to stories that they tell me because they are oh so different from my stories growing up. It was such a different time & generation and the way they lived day to day is inspiring. When I first went to Colombia, I was there for 2 and a half months and completely fell in love. Everything about it was inspiring. I came back to Canada with a great appreciation for the country and wanting to incorporate the culture more into my life. I chose to go with "bean" for the second part of my blog name because first of all, Coffee is my OBSESSION. It is simply how i start my day, and gives me a warm feeling of comfort. It is also one of Colombia's main exports which I felt tied in nicely :) Here at home, beans are a part of Colombian meal tradition being one of the main things Colombians eat. Did I mention they are DELICIOUS and healthy for you too?! 

So there you have it. The Modernized bean explained. 100% real & 100% me. 


       Two beautiful countries

Xo, Vanessa 


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