2015- diving into 2016 has probably been the busiest my life has had me! Working full time and taking courses for personal little projects, while still trying to balance my family & friends have had me running around like a crazy woman- but hey, I'm in my twenties and this is the time to strive and make all those goals come true. One thing I have learned is that nobody will spoon feed you when it comes to success and your career. Everybody (and I mean everybody) is trying to make it, SO work hard because this is your time! 

Having some personal time of my own, I wanted to get back into what I love- styling & sharing it with all of you. 

I've been wearing my beige coat from Zara a lot lately and with the simplicity of it, I knew my Vans would give this look just the right amount of pop it needed. 

Closer view of the Sk8-Hi Slim by Vans. 
These are not the original classic Sk8-Hi Vans, as these ones have been slimmed down for a more feminine feel. (Original is still available only difference being they are chunkier in width and the white laces are also thicker). I love the detail of the crisp white lines, the look of edge, the 90's feel of skater grunge and the comfort is definitely key! If I had to pick one flaw, it would be the laces. It takes patience to get your foot in and to perfect the laces (which is fine in most cases) but if your looking for an everyday easy shoe, you can definitely find others. 

As always, I let one piece of the outfit do the talking, while keeping everything else minimal. Turtle neck sweater/dress from Forever 21 was a great find, and the "Jamie's" from Topshop are simply MUST HAVE denim. 

Im a sucker for accessories. 
Always have been, always will be.
Companies have been on this trend, and you can now find so many different pieces to hook on to your purse. This pink puff ball is from H&M for only about 5 bucks. The gold chain compliments the gold detailing on my purse which is already so simple on its own. Its nice when an accessory adds some fun to a look. (Topshop & Zara have nice styles and lots of variety). 

I hope you've enjoyed this look and I'll be sure to be backkkk at it againnnnn with more styling posts!!!!! ;)



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