Fall is here, which means its time to pull out our favourite coats, boots, TURTLENECKS and everything chic yet cozy. Its easy to see why everyone loves fall- the colours, the cool breeze, the layering of clothes, our beloved oversized scarves!! 

Fall truly is one of the best seasons for fashion and style. 


Now, time to show you some of my favourite fall pieces.

Anything oversized, I love. It gives me the feeling of comfort but also sends out a very chill vibe which is very me. It also reminds me of my tomboy(ish) ways from my younger days. Examples of outfits would often be loose NWA graphic tee's with tight jeans and airforce's, or baggy cargo pants with a tighter top and heels. 

Majority of what I wear includes at least one piece inspired by menswear. The relaxed look sits well with my personality which is why i've always loved to incorporate it when I get dressed. 

This wool coat is great for the breezes we start to feel during fall. Its 50% wool and 50% viscose so it wont leave you itching for days on end either. It has two vertical pockets with plenty of room to keep persona belongings. The scarf is also one of my favourites as its colours give enough contrast to place against solids. What's nice about blanket scarves is that the opportunities are endless. They give a look variation. Nothing better then accessories that are useful in more than one way!

These thigh high boots are such a staple piece. Sexy and fierce, they do lots of the talking. Landing right above the knee, they give the eye a break, allowing us to focus on the top part of the outfit just as much as the bottom. 

Balance is key. 

Lastly, the black turtleneck sweater/dress (I wear it both ways) from Forever 21 is a personal fave because of how easy it is to style. Ive paired this with jeans, shorts, I've even worn it alone with heels. It lands long enough to cover your backside and still hugs in all the right spots. Very affordable as well. Im a hugeee fan of mixing high and low end pieces and I truly feel that it helps creativity flow in naturally. 

Love ya Fall, stay a little longer!

xo, Vanessa

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