"REPLICA" Maison Martin Margiela

Fragrance is a personal thing. 

I've always been told by my father to take your time when selecting a scent that you are going to wear all the time.

Like always- daddy was right. 

 Test it out. Spray it on a blotter. Spray it on your skin. Walk away. Go home and see if the scent lasted - or if it still smells the same when you first sprayed it.  

The fragrance you choose is a part of you, really. It can remind you of places, people, or things, and I truly think thats why fragrance is so personal yet fun. 

As a designer, I've always admired Maison Martin Margiela. Sharp, intricate, embroider details (those masksssss) have always caught my eye. Not only has he captured my love for his designs, but his collecting of fragrances too. 

His first fragrance ever was named "Untitled" (even the names he chooses are interesting). Then came the collection called "Replica". 

Eau' de toilette. 8 fragrances. 8 time periods. 8 unique smells. 

My favourites from the collection are: Lazy Sunday Morning, Tea Escape & Beach Walk. 

Lets start with my favourite, Lazy Sunday Morning.

Signature scent!
 A light floral musky scent that smells clean, sophisticated and feminine. Perfect for an everyday fresh smell. Its basically everything a woman wants to smell like. 

Top notes include: Aldehydes, pear accord, & lily of the valley accord. 
Middle notes: Iris accord, rose absolue, & orange flower accord.
Base notes: White musk accord, indonesian patchouli oil & ambrette seeds absolue.

Time period: Florence, 2003
Description: Soft skin & bed linen.
Price: $120.00 

Tea Escape

 Fresh, and soothing. A little more on the sweet side in comparisons to Lazy Sunday Morning but still very fresh! Tea is relaxing and when I smell this thats exactly the feeling I get. 

Top notes: Bergamot essence, mint, & pink pepper.
Middle notes: Sambac jasmine, osmanthus flower, & green tea.
Base notes: Mate absolute, crisped cice & milk accord. 

Time period: Tokyo, 2008
Description: Soothing green tea bubble. 
Price: $120.00

Beach Walk

Sweet, flirtatious, & musky. 
Beach walk simply reminds you of a summer day at the beach. They really got it spot on with this one. It kind of smells like tanning lotion but definitely not as intense. The beach is probably my favourite place on earth so a perfume providing the vibes of sand, sun & salt water sounds perfect. 

Top notes: Bergamote, pink pepper & lemon.
Middle notes: Ylang ylang, transluzone, heliotrope, & coconut milk.
Base notes: musc, cedar wood, & benzoin. 

Time period: Calvi, 1972
Description: Sun kissed salty skin. 
Price: $120.00


There are more fragrances from this collection including: "funfair evening", "promenade in the gardens", "flower market" and the only two male scents in the line, "at the barbers" and "jazz club".

I love this collection of fragrances. Anything that is unique, is interesting to me.
Find your favourite.

Xo, Vanessa

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