Current Luxury Beauty Favs! Feat. ARMANI, DIOR & SHISEIDO

If your anything like me, you LOVE to treat yourself! 
Hard working girls deserve it! 

Since I work at The Hudson's Bay downtown, I'm exposed to hundreds of high end products daily, and lucky to my advantage, I get to play, fall in love and eventually go broke. 

I rounded up 3 luxurious beauty products that are seriously the Ive been using them for a while now and feel the need to share them with you all.
Of course with luxury comes a price- but if you ever feel like treating yourself once in a while (birthday coming up, big event, of just because!) these products will leave you 100% satisfied. 

1. Giorgio Armani's "Luminous Silk" Foundation 

I usually don't wear foundation unless i'm having a long night out when I really want my makeup to look flawless and stay put. This foundation makes me want to wear it ALL THE TIME.  It gives full coverage, a luminous glow, and sinks into the skin with such ease, its like a dream. I look airbrushed when I put this on and its lightweight formula has me hooked! With over 15 shades, you are sure to find one that accommodates your skin. 

Price:  $66.00 

2. Dior's "Diorshow" Lash Extension Mascara 

HOLY GRAIL. Sweet baby jesus, I cant live without this. 

FUN FACT: Mister John Galliano (Dior's former creative director) was the one how said he needed his models to have BIGGER, BOLDER, LONGER lashes for the upcoming shows at the time. Because of his vision, "Diorshow" mascara was launched and did exactly what Galliano wanted. 

This mascara elongates lashes to their fullest potential, leaves them jet black, and even allows you to layer like no tomorrow! Its rare to have mascaras that allow you to layer and reapply more than twice without anyyyy clumping whatsoever. Big, bold, and long lashes IS Diorshow. 

Price:  $34.00

3. SHISEIDO Perfect Cleansing Oil

Why cant makeup just magically remove itself off our faces before we go to bed!? That would be perfect, LOL. I know majority of us are so lazy at night and just want to crash in our beds, but we don't want breakouts so taking off makeup before bed it a must! Sadly, it wont come off alone but there is something that can remove makeup in like .5 seconds. SHISEIDO's cleansing oil cleans skin, and removes makeup with no problem. Regular makeup, waterproof makeup, it will all come off quick and easy. You can use a bit of water or you can even just use the oil to remove impurities. After cleansing, this oil leaves the skin feeling like butter! A must have. 

Price:  $38.00

I love these products! If you have a chance to try them out you wont regret it!

Xo, Vanessa 

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