I could NOT be more excited that i'm wearing a dress today. 
Working full-time hardly gives me the chance to wear my favourite summer pieces (or even blog about them) - I know, how sad.. but thats exactly why i'm feeling so nice and free with my outfit today!

 Today's warm and sunny weather is perfect for Topshop's Roll Neck Tunic Dress. This has been one of my favourite purchases, because not only am I in love with emerald green- but it also goes around the neck which is one of my favourite looks. It's loose, flowy, and super light. I tied the bottom of one side to give it more character- but really... I needed to tan my pale legs. LOL

Let's get to the shoes. 

Zara's Block Heel Ankle Strap Sandals are ultra comfy.
 I went in looking for them in black- which they were sold out of everywhere. EVEN ONLINE. (worst feeling ever). Luckily, they had a metallic silver pair in store. I'll be honest, It took me a while to decide to go with these because the metallic look is something i've never really indulged into. Not that I didn't like it, just was a little out of my comfort zone. But ohhhhhh, am I glad I went with them. On sale for $39.99, how could I not?!? 
They give a simple outfit the perfect amount of "pop" because they are so edgy, fun & eye catching. 
They are also easy to wear! Skinny jeans, a dress, a pair of shorts with a crisp clean white button up & some bold jewellery- the possibilities are endless! 

I love this look and hope you do too!
Enjoy this gorgeous day.

XO, Vanessa

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