Tommy Hilfiger FW'15 - NYFW

So0O0o0O much fashion SOo0o0O little time!!!!

New York Fashion Week has arrived, and with so many stunning collections, if I were to blog about them ALL I would literally be here for years!

I decided to pick a collection that A) inspired me B) intrigued me and C) had fun watching! 

Tommy Hilfiger was THAT collection for me. 

With the catwalk transformed into a football field, (yes, a freaking football field)  the atmosphere was fun, sporty, cheery, and confident! Remember Destiny's Child "Bootylicious"? YUP! That was the song that started the show and basically had the audience on their feet already. How could you not get pumped hearing that throwback?! This collection has inspired me to wear some more colour during Fall/Winter, and to try to not always get sucked in by my beloved, (black). With a total of 50 models strutting down the field, the looks at the show ranged from preppy, to sporty, to clean & sophisticated. 

Take a look at a few of my favourite looks from the show.

A lovely variety served at the 20 yard line ;) 

For the final walk, the models came out in a group of about 5 from each side of the field to... wait for it...   LOOSE MY BREATH BY DESTINY'S CHILD. It was like there was a championship football game going on, and the models were the cheerleaders from both schools who were battling it out! But in this case, it was a FASHION walk off. And very wearable fashion too.
It can be strange watching a fashion show, and be thinking to yourself "hmmm, I don't know... will I ever really wear this?". It's not that the clothing is not appreciated, its just that many of us don't live this intense fashionable life (YET) where we can always wear these interesting/dramatic pieces without looking out of place.

All of the looks shown above can be worn nowadays, and really cater to whats trending.

If you want, below is a link to the FULL Tommy show. Sadly, they do not incorporate the original music played at the show because it would sound crazy loud for viewers at home, but the show is still worth a watch. It really is.

I loved this show, & I know you will too!

Vanessa, xo!

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