The day all die hard Alexander Wang fans will be camping out to get at least a glimpse of his new up & coming collection with H&M.

Ohhhh Mr. Wang... where do I even begin? Sharp, clean, and edgy as f***. Wang's designs have NEVER failed to amaze me. Absolutely everything he displays during fashion shows I can totally see myself in, and I actually feel sick to my stomach knowing I sadly cannot afford his clothing at this moment in my life. With that being said, I actually screamed out loud when I found out he was going to be the next designer to collaborate with H&M.


 #1. Because I can probably afford it. (or will go broke trying too, which is fine with me.. this is SO worth it)        
#2. H&M is already a great store, with up to date fashion replicas and great price points.

He completely understands the modern day vibe, and can incorporate it so perfectly into fashion like a damn genius. This new collection will appeal to both men & women, but Alexander is pretty quite on dishing out details on the new clothing. He definitely wants to keep it a surprise, and maintain the excitement. Also, its exciting to know he is the 1st American fashion designer H&M has teamed up with. (pervious designers include, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant & much more!) 

I honestly cant be more serious when I say I'm sooooooo excited to get my hands on this new collection. Celebrities adore him, designers view him as serious competition, and fashion lovers bow down to him. There is no stopping Alexander Wang and we love it!! 

Check out this video of Wang's thoughts about his new collaboration with H&M, celebrities' thoughts, and even some clips of this years LA Coachella music festival performances ;) 

For now, I leave you with a short promo video leaked by Alexander Wang himself. Check out his brand's Instagram account for more exciting posts! - - -> @ALEXANDERWANGNY


I suggest to get your camping gear ready, the line ups will from here to China, and back.

Xo, Vanessa. 

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