Chokers. Here to stay & slay.

Soooooooo nobody knows how excited I am to get to this post!!
 Mainly because if you know me, you know that I have not stopped blabbing on & on about how much I love choker necklaces, and how happy I am that they are making a HUGE comeback in fashion. Lets take it back to the 90's when I had umm.. like.... 50? In all different colours, all different sizes, and some even had gemstones attached to them. I went cray, and STILL, till this day go crazy over them. 

I must admit, chokers are a sexy piece of jewellery, attracting attention and adding a rebellious edgy look to an outfit. A unique necklace who's owner is definitely not afraid to make a statement, and loves edgy fashion. Singer Rihanna has become notorious for wearing chokers and I think its safe to stay Badgalrihrih is one of the worlds hottest fashion icons. Check out some outfits where Rihanna incorporated the choker. 



While surfing the net, I found some other beautiful chokers which I would love to share with you guys.

I am beyond obsessed with "Haati Chai".
"Haati Chai" was created by Stella Simona, a designer based in LA who started a 
jewellery line based on ethnic culture from India. These two choker necklaces are from her website and are only a a small glimpse of her amazing jewellery. Think vintage culture meets modern day.
 I promise, you'll love it. 

Soli Neckpiece Type ||

Thanbina Choker

Disclaimer: All pictures are not mine unless posted otherwise!

Check out: for amazing jewellery

What do you guys think about chokers?! 

-Vanessa, xo

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