Do what you have to do! Get stuff DONE

Hey everyone!

Like 99.9% of humans beings during the summer time, I have been on the RUN.

Never has there been a summer in which I have been so busy, so motivated, and so anxious to pursue my goals/dreams!!! Maybe because we are getting older we feel way more pressure to something with our lives, and to know inside we made the best of our summer. I recently just got back from an AMAZING vacation in Jamaica, Negril (which i still need to upload posts about!) and ever since I've been working like crazy. Vacations always inspire me no matter where i go, and they motivate me that much more for another one. (where off to next….?)

Also, the gym has been my second home for quite sometime now and even though it is SO hard somedays to get yourself up and motivated you have to just DO IT guys!!! TRUST ME, you will never ever regret a workout. Everybody wants to look great, especially in the summer so keep going everyone!!!! I know you've got this.

It feels great to accomplish things and feel like you have your stuff together even if its just one step at a time.

This is simply a friendly reminder to keep up everything you've been working hard at and do it with style & grace =)

So, remember!

don't let things pass you by, and get stuff done!!

xo,  Vanessa.

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