Just another OOTD!

Another day, another OOTD!

Today wasn't what id like to call perfect weather but hey, it could have been worse right?

Every time I wake up, I walk to my wardrobe and take a minute to think of what I'll slip into. I try to think of things like, "what am I doing today" or "who will I see" just to help make the decision easier.

Now, theres a great quote that says "When a girl says I have nothing to wear, what she means is there is nothing here for who she wants to be today" which can be sooo true. We ALL have our days where we lack inspiration and deep thought into our outfits, but the key is to just stay inspired and take risks!!! Whether its in the streets, books, or to the pages of vogue, try to always absorb what you can and don't be afraid to take a risk. Throw some layers on, put on those 90's hoops and toss your own personal flare to it!

Another great quote - "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing really grows there "

Today has been a good one so far, and I'm feeling happy, relaxed, and free. How Im feeling definitely has an impact on my outfit.

I opted for some light wash loose boyfriend jeans with a few rips, a loose palm tree printed top (bc even though canada's weather has been cold lately, it is still summer!!!) an all black cap, peep toe wedges, and my favourite gold hoops.

I want all those beautiful young ladies out there to know that you can still look classy, trendy, cute, and even sexy without exposing a ton of skin, or having the tightest clothing on. Confidence is what is truly sexy and if you have that, it honestly just shows in the way you present yourself.

The outfit I chose today screams "cool, calm, collected" which is what I often try to portray when getting dressed.

Jeans: ZARA
Cap: H&M
Wedges: Costa Blanca (sadly, they closed down. They were starting to step their game up)

I hope you guys liked my outfit and don't forget to comment/subscribe/like/retweet!!!!!  I would really appreciate it! 

xo, Vanessa

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