Dominican Republic - Punta Cana Paradise

Good day to all!

As much as I love fashion & music... what tends to take over my mind most of the time is wanderlust. 

Ahhh wanderlust.. the strong desire to travel and explore. 

Traveling is such a wonderful thing. Not only do you get to see gorgeous beaches, party all night, go on excursions, wine & dine, but you grow as a person with all the different and unfamiliar things you see. As a Canadian citizen, I can honestly say I am extremely blessed and lucky to have everything I have in my life. We are truly spoiled and sometimes tend to take advantage of that. Its human nature, and I think that is why we get a "natural high" off of vacations. 

The last vacation I went on was Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. 

A m a z i n g vacation. 

From the moment my family & I arrived, we were treated with such kind courtesy, being told "Don't worry, you guys just sit back & relax, we are here to take care of you and you are here to enjoy your vacation". The hotel was gorgeous, the beach was basically where I spent 95% of the time, and the food and entertainment was lovely. But, my favourite part of the whole trip was the excursions. When ever you go on vacation, I personally believe that the excursions are what makes the trip. Just the thought of being in an unfamiliar place surrounded by good people and exploring gets me inspired and excited. On our first excursion, we went zip lining and were taken to a beautiful private beach along side upcoming villas and condos being built by Donald Trump. It was such a stunning day. 

My family & I on a boat cruise
Sanctuary Cap CanaVillas & Condos being built by Donald Trump
On our second excursion, we were taken to the streets of The Dominican Republic where we visited historic landmarks, Farms, and went into "the blue hole". The Blue Hole is a cave filled with 100% purified natural water. When it rains, the water that falls into the cave gets filtered through the rocks and become 100% clean water. It was probably one of the most refreshing things ever to swim in that water. 

The Blue Hole
Roaming through the Dominican, we came across a "snake man" who owned many snakes and even had a tarantula on his face!  Check this out... 

Snake man on the left, while I die a little inside with snakes around my neck. By the end of it, I actually kind of liked them!
Back at the hotel, my family & I got some professional photos captured for memories to last a life time. S/O to the photographer who was super friendly and did an awesome job! 

The Dominican Republic was an amazing place to visit and if I could, I would go back in a heartbeat. The people, the atmosphere, the scenery and the happiness that surrounds the country is utterly contagious and I will remember it forever! I would 100% recommend it to anyone to visit the beautiful country. For anyone who has been there before, SHOTS OF MAMAJUANA!! 

I am a lover of all beautiful things in life, which is why I wanted to create this post. Beauty can be found anywhere. Fashion, people, nature, vacations and so much more. Even coming across poverty in Punta Cana was life changing because even the poorest people there still had a smile on their face and lived everyday as best as they could. To me, that is truly beautiful

For now, I leave you with a picture of me and some talking Parrots. (Not kidding, they were talking to me) 

-Vanessa xo 


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