All White Everything

Hello fashion lovers,

Soooo, I think I can say winter is finally coming to an end..  (watch, because I said that we will probably get some snow by the end of april) 


I would cry for days I tell you, daaaays. The dry brittle hair, the blocthy skin, all the dark colours winter has forced us to wear up until april, and the COLD! All reasons as to why I think we are all dying for beautiful weather. Now, don't get me wrong here... I am OBSESSED with dark colours & dark vampy lips. They are the absolute best for fall/winter, but with spring/summer just around the corner, its refreshing to liven up your wardrobe with some splashes of bold colour. I have spotted a hot new trend that is taking over the runways and catching the publics attention. 

White. all white everything. 

Some may say its a colour, & some may say its a neutral. Either way, white has been everywhere lately! The sharp & clean look of white is super sophisticated & quite frankly, gorgeous. Many designers like Thakoon (1), Donna Karen (2), Victoria Beckham (3), and Dion Lee (4)  (only to name a few) have blessed the runway for Spring 2014 with their gorgeous designs all including the simplicity and grace of white. 

take a look!

 12 3

*sighs* Pretty ain't it? It really is a must have for spring/summer! However, with this look you must be aware of gracefulness and classiness because the last thing you want is a gorgeous all white outfit only to have a bunch of stains on it by the end of the night. A good place to wear an all white outfit could be (all white parties of course) dinners, shopping date, cocktail parties.. etc. This look screams "clean" and the woman or man wearing this outfit should play the part too. Classy but always a little sassy ;) 

I absolutely love the all white concept and have already seen it applied on the streets by everyday people! love it guys. 

xo, Vanessa 


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