Winter SURVIVAL guide

Hi Dolls!

I've come bearing a little winter survival guide to prep you for this season! Now we all know the cold can do some nasty things to our bodies, so it is VITAL to stay nourished, stay moisturized, stay warm, and stay chic (obvi!!!)


Hair can be a girls best friend- or worst enemy. All depends on how you manage it. The cold makes our hair dry and brings so much static that it can make it impossible to have a good hair day.
I advise to use a shampoo/conditioner from a beauty supply vs a drugstore. Now don't get me wrong, drugstore shampoos are okay here and there, but beauty supply shampoos (actually are) filled with good ingredients and tend to stay away from sulfates and parabens. They are more expensive but you get what you pay for! Trust me, it will totally be worth your buy! As for static, a little trick that works wonders is simply dabbing a bit of lotion onto your fingers and running it through your hair.

Here are some Shampoo's that have been wonderful to work with and leave beautiful results.


Matrix's Biolage Shampoo is a SUPER lightweight formula that gives moisture and loads of volume. I am loving this so far. (my current shampoo) 
*Available at any Beauty Supply or Salon.
 $- 40-55 Dollars

Moroccan Oil's Conditioner is a MUST have. It makes your hair incredibly soft and shiny. Also, did I mention it has the most AMAZING SMELL EVER. seriously. 

*Available at any Beauty Supply or Salon.
$- 40-55 Dollars

LOREAL'S Pureology shampoo/conditioner is perfect for color treated hair. Its a nice one because while it still cleans, softens, and does everything you would expect a shampoo to do, it main goal is to protect your colour from fading or going dull. This stuff works wonders and will keep your hair looking super vibrant! 

*Available at any Beauty Supply or Salon.
$ - 50-60 dollars.

Moving on to, lips & dry skin!

I have posted about this lip product before because I feel like nothing else can beat it! It's my go-to. 


Eucerin Lip balm works great. Ever since reading Lucy Hale rave on and on about this product in NYLON magazine,  I decided to give it a shot. Best decision ever. Put this on at least 2 times a day and you'll wake up with baby soft lips.
*Available at Shoppers Drug Mart 
$- 8 Dollars
I think everyone loves Vaseline. This lotion contains cocoa butter which sinks into the skin leaving you soft and more importantly NOT greasy!

*Available at Walmart 
$ - 5 Dollars

Moving onto accessories!


The importance of gloves. I used to hate gloves, but now i think to myself how in the world did you hate them? This season, a pair of leather gloves will do you no wrong. Leather always looks cool and keeps you toasty, so why not splurge on a sweet pair? These ones are actually from my work!

*Avaiable at French Connection
$- 88.00 Dollars

Image 1 of STRIPED SCARF from Zara

Blanket scarves are EVERYTHING. I probably have bought 4 scarves in the past 2 weeks. I cant get enough! So stylish, so warm, and so perfect for this time of year. They also add a dramatic look to your outfit because they are so large. I love the fact that they are huge - It gives you endless options on how to wear it. The color block on this scarf is so pretty and will contrast nicely against all black or even white!

*Avaiable at Zara
$ - 49.90 Dollars

So there you have it!  
A mini guide on necessities for the cold season. These are just a few suggestions to make your day a bit easier and more stylish! 
I hope this helps you out!

xo, Vanessa

*All images are not my own*

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