New Style Post!

The cold has arrived!

If the opportunity came, I would be the first one on a plane getting ready to jet set off to a tropical destination. Lets just say I would rather pick summer over winter, but hey.. I live in Canada and while I do love the country, the cold winter season can make me feel like this --- >   -_- 

... Yeah, not too cute.

But! What can be done to help you through this wintery season is how you wake up and put your outfit together. My main thought when it comes to getting ready these days is, Layers. Layers, layers, layers! 

Not only will you be warm (and trust me sometimes too warm), but you look so stylish too!! Its a good way to simply add to your look and it takes the eye for a rhythmical ride when going across all the components of the outfit. 

For yesterdays outfit, I just really wanted to wear a cape. This is the time for it, and its so chic.. it was c a l l i n g me.

I love the idea of mixing prints, and while I  am actually pretty shy when it comes to executing the idea, I just went for it.

To do this, I opted for my navy and white stripped shirt from H&M and this beautiful beige cape which was a gift from my father. These colours compliment each other so well, and with my plaid Zara scarf that has hints of mustard yellow, burgundy, and olive green, it really tied everything in for a nice sophisticated look.

I wore my fave boots right now from Zara, (so comfy) and a pair of aviators from Aldo accessories.

Hope you guys like it!



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