Hats & shorts in FULL EFFECT

Like most of you, I've been dreaming about this time of the year!!! Sun, tanned skin, swimming, shorts & tanks, PATIO DRANKS, friends - Finally. 

Today, It's HOT out and that means I'm putting on my shorts and favourite hats. 

Since I am a lover of dressing in black (simple & always chic) I try to steer away during spring and summer. I grabbed a sleeveless white and navy striped top (which I tied in the middle) a pair of croc olive green shorts, a wide brimmed hat, and black strapped platform sandals. 

Take a look!

Whenever I dress in colour, I always make sure they compliment each other to the nines. Since my top and shorts are simple with the colours involved- Its easier to brighten things up with accessories. 

Add a different coloured bag (big or small) to bring some variation to the look, and throw on some sunglasses to tie everything together. (Can't live without sunnies)


What do you think?

I hope you guys liked it!

Xo'  Vanessa

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